Study In Canada

Canada is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, offering world-class education with Universities of high QS World University Rankings. It is home to some of the top universities in the world. Canada is bilingual, with French and English as their official language. English is spoken often in the Ontario Province and French in Quebec province.

Canada is ranked twenty-one (21) of the world's top 500 universities, and 32 are in the top 1000.

Canada offers some of the world's best study programs and is the house of leading research facilities and academic institutions. Canada is ranked 20th for its Quality of Life Index.

Benefits of studying in Canada
  • Low crime rates and low cost of living
  • Canada is ranked 6th in the World Peace index
  • Lower Tuition fee compared to the UK and USA
  • Canada is known as one of the most multicultural, peaceful and safer countries.
  • High Quality of life
  • Student-friendly Government policies

Pathway programs are available through Government Funded Community colleges and Private Career Colleges. Some of the above Community Colleges have partnered with leading Universities, allowing students to study for two years in the College, and transfer them to Universities to compete in Degree programs.

EX: Seneca College and York University

Most Universities and Colleges require IELTS from International Students. The required band score varies according to the university.

Earn While you learn

Thanks to its special regulations, Canada provides all its international students with the opportunity to work up to 20 hours per week during their semesters and full-time during the summer and winter breaks. To work on-campus or as an intern in any company, you would not require any additional work permit as your study permit is enough to help you find a part-time job. To work off-campus without a work permit you must meet the study requirements.

Post Study Work Visa

Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) gives International Students Work Permit for up to three years. The minimum study period for applying work permit is Eight Months.

For two years or more- The student is eligible for a three years Work Permit.

Family sponsor

International Students can apply for dependent visa for spouse and children

Pathway to PR after studies
Canada’s Federal Government covets international students as ideal for Permanent Residence.

While on the work visa, the student can apply for PR if he/she has more than one year of work experience in the related field. A speed processing system is available for International Students

Students while on Work Visa can apply for EXPRESS ENTRY with their work experience. The whole process of obtaining the Permanent Residence status could be completed within a year.