Study In Slovakia

Slovakia known as the Slovak Republic s a country right at the heart of Europe. It was part of Czechoslovakia until the velvet. Initial divorce in 2008. Initially, the country underwent political turbulence, but slowly emerged as a prosperous and stable country with a parliamentary democracy. It joined the Europen union in 2004. The main language is Slovak. It is a scenic and beautiful country. The Slovak Republic is vibrant and modern, welcoming International Students.

Slovakia provides great opportunities for one’s growth academically, professionally and personally. The Education standard is quite high.

Benefits of studying in Slovakia
  • Lower Fee in Slovakia comparison with other European Countries.
  • Slovakia has a long tradition in Academic Excellence.
  • A country with scenic beauties with medieval castles, beautiful mountains and magnificent architecture
Earn While you learn

Student can work for 20 hours per week while studying

Post-study work rights

Students can apply for a temporary residence visa to stay and work. Initially for one-year, but can be extended for up to 4 to 5 years as long as they are employed.