Study In Romania

Romania is a South-Eastern European country and is known as the gateway for Europe. There are many fortified Churches and Castles which is a significant tourist attraction and specialty of the country. Romania’s official Language is Romanian, but English is very well understood and spoken.

Romania is ranked 40th for its Quality of Life Index. Low cost of living for a European country (38.50) Romania is a popular destination for international students. It has excellent educational institutions and attracts around 27,000 students annually from all over the world.

Benefits of studying in Romania
  • Low cost of living
  • Rich culture and History
  • There are 49 public universities and 08 private universities in Romania.
  • Four of them are featured in the QS World University Rankings
  • Uncomplicated Visa processing
  • International students can apply for a Temporary Resident/stay permit as soon as they enter the country.
Earn While you learn

International students can work with the temporary residence permit for 04 hours per day. The temporary permit could be extended up to 5-years.

Post-study work rights

They can continue to use the temporary residence permit to secure employment after graduation. Currently, many jobs are available. The country is progressing. International students can apply for an European Blue Card, which would allow them to work in any of the 25 countries out of 27 EU countries.

Pathway to PR

After living for at least 05-years, they could apply for Permanent Residence.