Study In Lithuania

Lithuania is in North-Western Europe and is the largest of the three Baltic countries. The other two are Estonia and Latvia. For centuries, Lithuania is known as the land of endless forests interrupted by rivers. Traditional architecture in Lithuania is wooden. It is an independent state since 1990. It is one of the leading European nations for Bio-Technology and Commercialised Information Technology. It is a member of the European Union.

Benefits of studying in Lithuania
  • Lithuania is relatively affordable to study and live in
  • The culture and food is extraordinary
  • The quality of life is high
  • People are friendly and welcoming
  • Safe country to live in
  • Qualifications are recognized all over the world
Earn While you learn

International students can work 20 hours per week.

Post-study work rights

International students can get six months PSWP after studies to search for a job.

Pathway to PR

When international students reside for five years with temporary visas without any interruptions, they will become eligible to apply for PR.