US Student Visa And The USA Programe

Study In The USA For International Students. Made Easy.

The number one destination for international students seeking to get a top-notch education and career edge is currently the USA.

For our high school students, there is a week-long introductory course whereby your host in the USA will take you around seeing key sights in Texas, familiarise you with the education system and help adjusting with key guidelines to settle during your study period.

Get A Visa To Attend School In The USA

To obtain a student visa, you need an offer from a recognized U.S. school, college or university. We help in obtaining the offer and with the next steps, this includes the documents required to apply for the F-1 visa.

If you want to study in the USA, you must meet specific rules and requirements to be eligible for a Student Visa. A Student Visa allows you to study for a certain period of time at a specified school as a student. Categories for Student Visas include.

  • Age 12 to 18 Years
  • Public and private high school
  • College
  • University

Special USA Program With Student Visa - Age 12 To 18 Years

For children age 12-18, we have a special USA program that ensures an excellent education. Parents can also be assured that their student will be safe and cared for during the whole period of their studies. Children are well taken care of by a responsible host.

All prospective international students wishing to participate in the USA Program need to meet all of our requirements. Students must be :

  • Between 12-18 years old
  • Mature and responsible for their age level
  • Willing to learn about American culture
  • Able to demonstrate a sincere desire to participate with an American host family
  • Attending school in their home countries and possess a good study habits
  • Able to speak basic English at the level required to function in classes and in the host's home
  • Able to Pass the USA Program testing and selection process

Students are placed with Christian Host Families that are carefully screened. They will have full-time care from their guardian while studying.

High School And Primary School

Restrictions On Attending Public High Schools And Primary Schools In The United States
  • Foreign students cannot attend public high schools for more than 12 months
  • F-1 visas cannot be issued to attend public elementary of middle schools (Kindergarten - 8th grade) or publicly funded adult education programs.
  • Before an F-1 visa for a public school can be issued, the student must show that the public school in the U.S. has been reimbursed for the full, unsubsidized per capita cost of the education as calculated by the school. Reimbursement may be indicated on the I-20, or consular officers may request copies of cancelled checks and/or receipts confirming the payment as needed

People who violate the restrictions may not receive another visa for a period of five years. The restrictions apply to students even if they are living with an American citizen or Legal Permanent Resident relative, even if that relative is the student's legal guardian.

These restrictions do not apply to students attending private schools, or students who are in the U.S. on derivative visas such as F-2 or J-2.

College And Higher - Age 18 +

Obtain A U.S. Student Visa

Before you can apply for a visa, you must know what college or university you'll be attending. In order to obtain a student visa you must first apply to and be accepted at a school in the U.S. We will help in narrowing down the possible education providers and the student can then select which college or university best suits their needs and budget. We have our Partners in the USA with a thorough knowledge of the education system, who will assist in navigating the options according to your education and financial background.

Once you've been accepted and the college/university is satisfied that you can support yourself, the college/university will send you an I-20 form or Form DS-2019. These are the main documents you'll need before the process towards a student visa can start. Once you receive your I-20 from the college/universtiy, it's time to put together the other documents you'll need to apply for the visa. Students who plan on attending a four-year or two-year academic program should apply for the F-1 visa. For vocational programs there is a different visa category. There are several steps you need to follow first before being able to apply for the visa - we will guide you in these steps.

No IELTS, no problem. We can guide you towards the correct pathway for studies and obtaining your qualification if you do not have IELTS

There are various locations you can study at - provide us with your desired location and we will provide you with a list of colleges or universities that match your educational background and budget. Should you not have a preferred location, we can still recommend according to your budget. For select locations we will be able to assist with airport pick-up and accommodation arrangement.

Remember you will be interviewed by the U.S. Embassy. Should you need help in preparing, we can provide guidance in interview preparation. It is important that you bring with you the right documents and are prepared for the interview.

Be aware that if you submit false documents of any kind your application will be refused and you may become permanently ineligible for any type of U.S. visa. False documents may also be turned over to the police for investigation and prosecution.

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