Study In Slovenia

Slovenia is a country in eastern Europe known for its mountains. The language spoken is Slovenian. Other interesting attractions are Lake Bled, and Bled Castle Museum. Slovenia is a country with diverse geography, population, and climate. The magnificent Alps provide hiking and Skiing adventures. Leading industries are Automotive, logistics, Wood processing, and metalworking

Slovenia education is recognized at International Level. An increasing number of Universities introduce English in their academic process. Slovenia is ranked 14th for its Quality of Life Index.

Benefits of studying in Slovenia
  • Quality future-oriented Training
  • Wide range of programs
  • Numerous discounts and bonuses
  • Job opportunities for students
Earn While you learn

International student can work for 20 hours per week and full-time during weekends

Post-study work rights

Slovenia is in the top percentile of the European country in terms of foreign language competency. So communication is not a problem. After graduating if you are fluent in Slovene and English language, year chances of getting a job is greater. You can obtain post-study visa for a period of one-year. You can stay and search for a job. If you have a job offer, either you or your employer can apply for a Work permit. It is valid for two-years.

Pathway to PR

You can apply for Permanent residency after living continuously in Slovenia for two-years.