Study In Italy

Italy is officially the Italian Republic and is located in Southern Europe. It shares borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. Rome is the capital. Italy is enclaved with microstates of Vatican City and St. Marino. Italy is the 3rd most popular city among the European Countries. It is a top-rated tourist attraction, and the official language is Italian. Italy is ranked 36th for its Quality of Life Index.

Earn While you learn

You can work 20 hrs per week while studying and full-time during holidays

Post-study work rights

Only Master's and Ph.D. students can apply for the post-study work permit. Initially, a residence permit will be issued for a 6 to 12 months period to stay and search for work. If they are successful in securing a job with a prescribed salary, they can apply for a work permit and continue to work.

Pathway to PR

An international student employed in Italy on a resident permit can apply for Permanent Residence after completing the prescribed period and other conditions.